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My name is Jade, I am 19 years old and I am from Australia. I was with the agency Au Pair in America as an Au Pair in Florida. This blog was for me to share photos, personal thoughts and personal experiences with my friends and family. However after returning to Australia, I now use this blog to post about my day to day life.

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Jade, an Au Pair in America
Anonymous said: You need to update your blog!! Can you please re post your application video because i cant find it :) Thank you :)

Haha, well seeing as it’s coming up for a year since I left for America and that meaning it has been 9 months since I left America - there isn’t much to update on. Unfortunately I can’t post it again because I’ve deleted it off my files. I definitely posted it on here though, you’ll have to go right back to the early the pages of the blog :)

Posted 6 days ago
Anonymous said: Your blog has been so inspiring. I'm still in the application process and wanted to know how you do your videos. It just doesn't feel right talking to the camera. The main thing I'm worried about when I go is missing my family! Oh and another thing. What sort of questions would you recommend when skyping possible families? Hope pe you're well! Thank you :)))

Oh, thank you :) I’m very glad.
Haha, it definitely doesn’t feel natural, but you just have to do it… I had to record over and over. Definitely get friends and family to watch it before uploading it.
Yes, you’ll miss your family but hopefully you will be having such a great time that you will be able to get through it.
Hmmmm, it’s important to ask questions about the kids. If the kids are there as well try to ask them questions, like ‘What do you like to do on the weekend?’. The parents will appreciate you trying to get to know the children as they are their biggest concern. It was such a long time ago that I had my interviews so I’m struggling to remember what questions I asked. But my biggest advice is to have plenty of questions! They won’t think you’re annoying, they’ll note that you’re serious about this adventure you’re about to go on and you want to get to know them just as much as they want to get to know you.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions :)

bethaupairinamerica said: Hi Jade, i'm just wondering what sort of meals you used to prepare for the host children? And also, did the family help you out with what you could cook for them? I never cook, so I really need to learn!

Hi Beth, well generally we dined out for dinner most of the time. It was very rare that I would need to cook dinner for the 8 year old. As for breakfasts and lunches, limited cooking was involved.
I think it’s hard to give advice on this because your family may have different expectations to mine. They might expect you to cook dinner for the whole family two nights a week, or not cook at all - it just depends on your family :)

A photo update of my life over the last couple of months :)

monvieestbelle said: Thank you for replying! That's a shame :( I loved reading your experiences (literally went through all your posts haha) and they seemed wonderful. Do you by any chance know of any good sites or good ways to find families? Or did you just search for families with your agency? I feel like my agency is so slow. I don't know.

You’re welcome!
Thank you very much.
Well I went through the Au Pair in America agency and was matched with families through that. Unfortunately I have no other experience with any other agencies, I’m sorry.

Anonymous said: Hey jade... I recently got matched with a family and I want to buy gifts for the family... Anyway I wanted to know if you bought gifts for the family.. I really want to get great gifts from Australia that you can't buy in America... Any ideas would be great, the kids will be easy but I wanted to know more for the parents.. Thanks 😊

Oh lovely :)
Well I bought the generic, corny touristy gifts like Australia tea towels, drink coasters, etc for the parents. I don’t have any cool ideas for the parents. But for the kids I made them a book with photoshopped photos of me and the kids into it in Australian settings.
Sorry that isn’t much help!

dhbisland said: I will be leaving on the 24th march to au pair in San Francisco, I've just started writing a blog since yours helped me so much. It would be great if you could share it for me its demi-aupair.weebly

Sure thing. Good luck!

See her website demi-aupair.weebly

Anonymous said: Where in Florida were you?

I was about 2 hours from Miami, and 2 hours from Orlando. So I was inbetween :)

Anonymous said: Do you work out a lot?

Yes, four to five times a week.

Anonymous said: Well done on your weightloss

Thanks :)

Just some weightloss progress. Obviously I’m definitely not my heaviest in the Nov 2013 photo.
16kg down in total now!

Just some weightloss progress. Obviously I’m definitely not my heaviest in the Nov 2013 photo.
16kg down in total now!

issysstyle said: Jade!! This family I'm talking to is deciding between me and another girl!! What should I do???

There isn’t much you can do. Just know that what it is meant to be, is meant to be. If they do happen to choose another girl it will be for the best. Continue to be yourself when Skyping/contacting them. And of course respect their decision :)

Anonymous said: Did you enjoy looking after a baby or do you wish you had had older children so you had more free time during the day? Was it hard to think of stuff to do with her? X

Well I obviously had the two month old, but I also had an eight year old. There were advantages and disadvantages to caring for an infant. Obviously caring for an infant limits your choices in terms of leaving the house and there is a lot of organisation that goes into leaving the house when taking the infant. It also meant that my days were quite lonely, as it was just the baby and I when the eight year old was at school. But then there were wonderful advantages to caring for an infant - like being able to get other tasks done while the infant is sleeping, not needing to ‘prepare’ food as such, being able to have quiet time and of course the amazing feeling that you get when you’re with a baby.